Quadris in Housing Technology’s September 2017 Edition

Quadris’ Technology Impresses.

Housing Technology magazine tells the story of how we have helped ForViva Group, one of the fastest growing Housing Associations in the UK. Faced with significant scalability challenges and an ageing infrastructure, our Dell XC hyper-converged infrastructure solution was chosen by ForViva following a competitive public tender. 

Quadris Implements Nutanix.

Using Nutanix hyper-converged technology it is able to scale without limit and loss of performance by simply extending the platform a node at a time and with no downtime. With the solution being installed earlier this year it has already been put to the scalability test by ForViva Group who have since acquired several organisations. The awesome performance of this technology together with a 60% saving compared to the existing infrastructure solution caught the attention of Housing Technology who covered the project in their September 2017 edition.

Housing Technology is the most widely read technology magazine for the UK’s housing sector.

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